Tips To Select The Perfect Flooring Contractors

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santa-rosa-hardwood-flooringYou want to change the flooring of your old house or considering for the appropriate flooring options for your new home? Are you someone, who wants to do complete renovation of the office and looking for the reputed flooring contractors in town? Whether you are looking for a flooring company for your office or for your home, you need to understand a few basic tips. If you remember these basic tips, it will not be a tough job for you to find the best flooring company for your purpose.

The first and foremost thing that you need to check out for selecting the appropriate flooring company is the reputation of the company or contractor. Nowadays, you can find different flooring companies and flooring contractors in different places of the country. However, that does not mean that all the flooring companies provide equal services. To find the best service for your purpose, check out their reputation and take the assistance of a company, which has the best reputation in this field.

When you are considering for taking the assistance of a flooring contractor to lay the new


Six Tips Before Flooring Installation

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how-to-lay-laminate-flooring---figure-3Installing the perfect flooring for every area of the house is as important as choosing the correct wall color or the right furniture for the house. If you are renovating or constructing a new house or office, then you are already aware of the various types of options that are available in the market with regards to flooring and everything else.

Choosing the suitable flooring can take up a lot of time as one should keep in mind the overall theme and the color scheme of the area before finalizing everything. But once you make your selection, all you need to worry about it installing your flooring.

A lot of people choose to get their flooring installed professionally, but if you are doing it by yourself, then there are a few tips you must keep in mind before starting the installation process. These are general tips that need to be kept in mind for whichever flooring you are installing right from laminate flooring to vinyl flooring to hardwood flooring.

  • Remove Dust. A lot of floors require a clean surface which is dust-free before they can be installed.

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How to Choose the Right Flooring For Your Home

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marblefloor-300x300Flooring for dining rooms

Follow these top tips to find the right flooring for your dining room.

Points to consider:
Keep it looking sophisticated with a smart floor covering. Dark tones add drama.

Opt for wood-effect laminate that’s high in both the practicality and style stakes.

Go for an easy-clean finish so maintaining it is simple and fuss free.

Other style choices that will also work well in the dining room are natural floor coverings, such as sisal and Boucle. Their low pile and durable qualities make them ideal.

Flooring for kitchens

Follow these top tips to find the right flooring for your kitchen.

Points to consider:
In a hard-working room, such as a kitchen, the flooring must be ultra-practical.

Vinyl is the perfect choice – it’s water resistant, warm underfoot and less likely to break a dropped glass.

Other brilliant buys include hard wearing slate tiles and easy-to-clean ceramic tiles.

Dark flooring is less likely to show up marks and will create a striking contrast when teamed with pale units.

Flooring for living rooms

Check out our top tips to help you choose the right style of flooring for your living room.

Points to consider:
Living rooms


3 Tips For Natural Stone Floors and Floor Heating Installation

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Floor heating has been around for centuries and it is the best heating solution available compared to other heating systems. It may not be so economical if you buy a used building as you will have to uproot the floors but it is a preferred choice in new buildings and homes. Natural stone floors are affordable and durable and are quickly becoming popular in today’s world. Here are a few guidelines to use underfloor heating with natural stone floors to avoid any unnecessary damages.

Granite, marble and limestone are the popular choices when it comes to natural stone flooring and you are unlikely to face any problems if you install under floor heating with them. But you need to take special care with travertine tile floors. Marble and granite are harder compared to travertine so sudden temperature changes can greatly affect your flooring. There are small holes in travertine that are filled with grout powder at the time of installation but if the temperature increases, the expansion rate can get higher than that of grout powder and it can cause deformation of your floor.

Make sure you follow these tips to avoid some of the issues discussed above.

1) Use flexible adhesives with


Top Tips for Choosing Bathroom Flooring

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Renovating or designing a bathroom is a lot of work. Since you’d probably like to get every last detail just right, you’re sure to take plenty of time in selecting flooring for it. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the floor for your bathroom. You often go barefoot in the bathroom, for instance, so the feel of its floor is just as important as the way that it looks. Below, an overview of the most popular materials for bathroom floors is outlined for your convenience; a few key tips are included, too.

Make a Small Bathroom Look Larger with the Right Kind of Floor

Most people have to deal with bathrooms that are relatively small. There’s just no getting around it. However, there are ways to make a small bathroom look a lot larger. One of the best ways to do so is by choosing your flooring with care. A light-colored floor is one of the simplest yet most dramatic ways to give a small bathroom a much more spacious look and feel. Better still, use similar tones for the walls and the floor to create the illusion of a lot more space.

Why Ceramic Works


Tips On How To Paint Your Wood Floor

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The best way of making your floors a great feature of your home is by painting them. You can paint the floors any color and make them excellent to look at. The color that you should go with depends on a number of factors such as: amount of traffic, natural light, and durability.

White Floor

A white wooden floor has been around for a very long time. The cool thing with painting your wood white is that you create an illusion of large space in the room. You also make the room appear bright. While white is a great color, its main flaw is that it’s impossible to hide flaws in the wood. For example, it’s hard to hide gaps in the wood.

Darker Floor

You can also paint your floor darker colors such as brown or even black. While these colors easily hide flaws in your house, they tend to make the house look dull and smaller; therefore, it’s wise to avoid them if your house is already small in size.

How to Apply Wooden Paint

Before you do anything, you should sand the floor. Sanding aids in removing existing finish. It also creates a smooth surface to apply your paint. When you avoid sanding

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7 Essential Tips For Choosing Bamboo Flooring

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Are you looking for high-quality, environmentally-friendly flooring? Many people are considering bamboo. Unlike hardwoods, bamboo is a grass that takes only 5-6 years to grow, instead of 25-30 years. Bamboo is harvested and using bamboo saves trees.

Bamboo is a great option if you choose well. Just as you find low-quality carpeting or high-quality carpeting, you can get low or high quality flooring. All bamboo flooring is not the same. These seven tips will help you avoid mistakes and find flooring that you can be happy with for many years:

1. Which type of flooring would you like?
There are 2 types of bamboo floor boards available – traditional and strand woven. Traditional bamboo flooring comes in 2 different grain directions: horizontal and vertical. Traditional bamboo can also be solid (bamboo all the way though) or engineered (thin veneer layer on top with compressed particle board). Even though traditional bamboo flooring is about 25% harder than Oak and Maple flooring, it still can be easily scratched or gouged. For these reasons there are many complaints from homeowners and business owners when working with traditional bamboo floor boards.

A far better option is strand-woven bamboo flooring. Strand-woven boards are compressed in the same direction

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Tips for Handling Hardwood Flooring Stains

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Like any homeowner, you’re probably very proud of the hardwood flooring in your home. Hardwood floors lend elegance and class to a home; unlike carpets, they do not harbor dust mites and other things that can exacerbate allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues. Many people are quick to point out the easy-to-clean nature of wood floors. While it’s generally true, there are a few types of stains that require a bit more effort to remove than others. By learning about the basic techniques and strategies for removing stubborn stains, you can keep your wood floors in topnotch shape; learn more below.

Basic Care Tips

Before delving into the specifics about handling various hardwood flooring stains, it doesn’t hurt to go over a few basic care tips. To avoid dents and scrapes on your floors, be sure to adhere felt pads to the bottoms of your furniture. If the wood flooring is located in a room that leads outside, have everyone get into the habit of removing their shoes before entering – this will keep the amount of dirt and debris that is tracked in to a minimum. Finally, if a lot of sunlight pours into the room during the day, install shades

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Tips on DIY Stone Flooring Installation

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Stone flooring can instantly transform any room and increase the value of your home. DIY flooring installation will save you money and still allow you to have the style that you desire. Tips on DIY flooring installation will help you know all of the pitfalls to avoid and the secrets that make your flooring look best.

Here are some easy DIY tips that you can follow:

Remove and Clean

The large part of stone flooring installation involves removing the old flooring and thinset that was left behind. You must have a clean surface to work with before you begin installing this type of flooring tiles. Using a heavy-duty vacuum to clean up before you begin installation will ensure that the surface is clean and ready.

Mixing and Spreading Thinset Tips

When you are mixing the thinset, it is important to add water very slowly. You want this substance to have the same consistency as pancake batter. It is always a great idea to let it set for around five minutes before you begin to smooth it over the surface of your floor. Spreading a good amount of thinset will create an even surface for your stone flooring tiles, so be liberal with this substance.

How to

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How to Maintain Hardwood Laminate Flooring

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The composition as well as the construction of a hardwood flooring is such that it makes cleaning and the general upkeep quite simple to do. Also, because most of the hardwood laminate flooring has been coated with a layer of aluminum oxide, its maintenance becomes really easy. Here are some of the ways in which you can keep your hardwood flooring clean and sparkling. The following steps will give you and idea of how to maintain your hardwood laminate flooring:

Step 1:

Regular cleaning:
Regular cleaning of the hardwood laminate flooring is a must. You can sweep the floor, mop it, or even simply vacuum the dust off the surface of the flooring. If you wish to use a cleaner, then any general cleaner available in the stores will do the job for you. However, while selling hardwood laminate flooring, manufacturers do supply their customers with a cleaning kit. These kits consist of a terry cloth mop to wipe the surface of the flooring, along with a spray-on cleaning solution. It would be a god idea to use the cleaning kit provided by the manufacturer first. Also, always stick to the maintenance schedules of the flooring as explained to you by the


Flooring Design Tips For Your Home

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If you are renovating your home, and you are looking to put new flooring in, then this article has been written to give you some tips that may come in handy. Here are a few things to think about when renovating your floor.

Tip 1. One of the first tips that you may need to take into consideration is measuring the area that the new floor will be placed in. Measuring the floor will give you an accurate reading as to how big it should be. So start with taking measurements of the area.

Tip 2. The next tip that can be suggested is choosing the right type of flooring that matches with the room you are renovating. This is important, as you do not want to place carpet in the bathroom area, or in the kitchen. So choose accordingly to what floor will suit the area being renovated.

Tip 3. Working out your budget is also important. When it comes to renovating, set yourself a budget to stick to. This way you do not spend more than you have to on your materials that are needed to finish the job.

Tip 4. When choosing the floor design, be sure to make it match


How to Clean Marble Floors

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Tip One

Sweeping often is sometimes a little daunting, but will help out your floors so much. It is recommended that you sweep your floors every day to remove any of dirt and debris immediately. This will make your floors look clean at all times and it is going to make it easier for you to mop when that time comes.

Tip Two

Moping your floors at least once a week is highly recommended because it will remove any dirt that has been rubbed in on your tiles. When choosing a mop you should try to invest in a better mop. One that will leave your floor scratch free is a micro fiber mop. It is a bit more expensive, but is a smart move especially since you invested a lot of money on your marble floors.

Tip Three

Buying the right solution is extremely important because some solutions that are not specifically made for marble can eat away your marble because of the acids. If you go to any home improvement stores you will be able to find solutions that are especially made for marble and stone cleaning.

Tip Four

Adding rugs to the entryways is a very good move. Not only is it adding a

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Green Flooring Tips

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Going green on your floors is not just good for the ecology. If anyone in your family has allergies, it will benefit them as well. Our carpeting is a magnet that attracts dust, bugs, dirt and toxins. This is especially true of wall-to-wall types. Instead of using all those resource destroying synthetic fibers, use area rugs made from natural, easily replenished materials that are stitched instead of glued.

Wood floors should only use easily restocked woods (FSC-certified) which are not endangered, or bamboo, which, when harvested properly, simply continues to grow without interruption. Any hard flooring should use recycled glass, stone or wood.

Recycled wood not only stops the forests from being depleted, but also has advantages for you.

Older woods from older trees have a tighter grain; are harder and denser than new wood.
The well-used appearance gives the wood floor a more distinctive look. The hand finishing is noticeable.
It will cost you up to 50 % less.
It lowers the rate at which landfills are being filled.
Bamboo is a sustainable material because it grows so quickly in the wild, providing a constant and plentiful supply. With reasonable caution cutting the bamboo does not damage the host plant. Properly dried

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5 Tile Floor Tips For Your Basement

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Refinishing or refurbishing your basement is a big job that can be costly and challenging. But gaining the added living space is often valuable enough to warrant the effort. One of the most important parts of redoing your basement is the floor. Whether you are working with a concrete or wooden floor, you may want to consider another type of flooring that will prove more durable and easy to clean. When you are giving thought to which choice will work best for your home, consider the following information with respect to a file floor for your basement.

1. A tile floor is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of flooring. Depending on the grade and style you buy, you might be able to get the peel-and-stick brand that you can lay down yourself instead of hiring it done. This will suit not only your wallet but your schedule, since it can be done in stages, as you have the time, and perhaps with the help of a friend or family member. Of course, you can get the more costly styles, and pay more, for a richer or more polished look, depending on your plans for the basement’s use.

2. Tile is replaceable,


Tips For A Successful Project

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Whether you are looking to install new industrial flooring, or just maintain what you already have, there are several things to consider which will make your job much easier. A poorly installed floor coating can be a big headache for years to come so you are much better off doing some research up front for a new installation or re-installation so you can get on with all the other problems you have to deal with and you can stop worrying about the floor.

The first question that needs to be answered is what type of coating will be best for your particular situation. Epoxy floor coatings work great and last a long time indoors but they are not suitable for outdoor applications. The UV rays from direct sunlight will degrade the epoxy coating and cause premature failure. But if you are indoors, in a factory or warehouse setting for example, then an epoxy will probably be a good choice for you.

No matter what type of flooring you install, whether epoxy, acrylic, or latex, you are most likely going to need some sort of anti-slip topping applied for good traction. Almost all coatings get very slick with just the littlest amount of


How to Install Hardwood Floors

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Besides being hard-wearing and beautiful, hardwood floors are also very easy to install, which makes a lot of people ask how to install hardwood floors by themselves. It’s not surprising; hardwood floors offer a wide array of aesthetic options with varying options for hardwood floor finishes and their durability is a lot better than other flooring options. From the type of wood down to the hardwood floor finishes to the floor pattern design, these floors will definitely suit almost any preference, taste, and circumstance. If installing wood floors is one of your options, then you may want to read on to learn how to install hardwood floors.

Prepare the materials and tools you need. These are finish nails, hammer, masking tape, measuring tape, notched trowel, hardwood flooring glue, tapping block, hardwood floor strops, pneumatic stapler, 1/4″ lauan plywood underlayment, and safety glasses.

Just a few notes before you start, remember that these floors even those engineered and locking ones should not be installed in rooms that fall below grade. These areas have greater risks of moisture damage. Instead, these floorings should be installed over sturdy solid surfaces. If you are not sure about the installation of these floors over your current flooring,


Tips to Handle and Maintain Your Beautifully Colored Carpets

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Redesigning your house is a tough job to do. There are several ways of beautifying the interior decoration of your house. By installing carpet flooring, you may add a colorful touch to your floors. Your guests will experience a classic feel and a stylish look by walking on multi-colored, beautiful carpet. Carpets enhance the total aesthetic worth of your room. They impart warmth, liveliness, and comfort to your living area and, most of all they last for longer period of times.

Carpeting is a fashionable way of covering your floors. Carpet floorings are totally modish, comfortable, easy-to-install and simple-to-maintain. These rugs are available in different styles, designs, shades and textures. If you own a carpet manufactured by the Colorado Springs or Denver Carpeting, you must be facing problems with its maintenance. In this article, I shall mention some basic maintenance tips for your carpets.

Maintaining a Spotless Carpet is quite Easy

Cleaning up your rugs is not a complicated job, as long as you are regular in cleaning it. You must clean your carpet as soon as it gets dirty. Here are some trouble-free Maintenance tips for you to follow.

1. Using a Stain Cleaner and Stink Eradicator is a popular method but, these

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Best Hardwood Floor Tips To Save You Money

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Most consumers choose hardwood flooring for the feeling of warmth, beauty and comfort it can give a room. Because of today’s modern technology, many manufacturers are coming up with great new synthetic flooring that not only looks good, but is also durable and low-maintenance, a definite plus for those who are always on the go but want stylish floor coverings; however even though synthetic flooring is a great alternative, many people still crave the look and feel of all-natural floor coverings such as stone or wood.

There are many other reasons to go with hardwood floors, such as the value they add to your home, easy care and easy cleaning, great style and durability and they’re natural and safe for the environment. Although carpeting is an easy alternative to floor decorations, many home decorators are now setting a new trend with exotic hardwood flooring.

If you know a building contractor or hardwood floor contractor, they may be able to help you get a nice discount. In most cases, refinishing your floors will increase the value of your home, not to mention, adding style and beauty. Some of the most well known hardwood floor manufacturers include Bruce, Shaw, Mohawk, Mannington and Armstrong.

If you’re


Cleaning Laminate Floors Tips

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Next to having solid hardwood floors, laminate floors are the next best thing. They are not only attractive, but durable as well. Even so, they will still require regular cleaning to keep them looking new for years to come. With that said, here are some tips for cleaning laminate floors you should know.


Laminate flooring is not that difficult to keep clean if you sweep them at least once a week. If your home gets extra foot traffic you may need to sweep them every 2-3 days.

The reason for this, other than just maintaining a cleaner home, is that dirt, sand and grit can easily damage the surface as you continue to walk over it. You can also use a wood floor vacuum instead of a broom if you like.

Simple Cleaning Method

You can certainly go out and buy one of the many floor cleaning products to use on your floors, but I would recommend a better method that won’t cost anything.

Use your cotton mop with a bucket of hot water. I’ve been using this for cleaning laminate floors for many years and it works great. Be sure to wring out your mop well and don’t puddle water up on the floor.



How to Refinish Wood Floors

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Everyone wants to know how to refinish wood floors. Fortunately, it is a fairly simple process that doesn’t involve many steps at all. By taking the time to learn how to do it yourself, you can save a lot of money and achieve the same results that you’d get from professional services if you are willing to put in the effort and patience to make it the best project ever.

Here are some tips and suggestions for how to refinish wood floors:

1. Start by planning. Find a sander to rent if you’re doing the work yourself. A drum sander is preferred, because it goes with the grain of the wood rather than in a circular motion. Figure out when you can do the work, how long it will take, and choose a new stain or finish texture that you’re going to use.

2. If you’re not doing the work yourself, start calling around to professional companies to find one with experience and a solid reputation to do the work for you.

3. Sweep the floor, and then clean it with a damp mop. Pound down any nails or tacks that are sticking out of the wood.

4. Sand slowly and in short strokes, providing